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buy first leather jacket

Today we will share a complete guide on how you can buy your first leather jacket. The first thing you need to keep in mind before we share a guide on how to buy a first leather jacket is that there is no wrong time to buy your first leather jacket. When you have liked the Jacket, and you think it’s right for you, then this is the right time to buy it.

When I first purchased my leather jacket, I had my dad as an inspiration for my first leather jacket. I was young, and he sued to wear a leather jacket every time, and he had a very significant collection of leather jackets at that time. He carried every type of leather jacket according to the event. He was so intelligent when it comes to dressing.

He carried a leather jacket when he was going to parties. He wore a leather jacket when he is going on trips. He even used it in everyday commute. He knew how to carry it and carried it gracefully.

First, we will check the typical Leather Jacket Style.


Top 5 Common Leather Jacket Styles

Below I am sharing a list of most commonly used Leather Jackets. These Leather Jackets are a trendsetter and look very stylish and versatile. These leather jackets never go out of fashion and always have a lover around the globe.



Since the first time, Marlon Brandon Wore Double Rider Leather jacket in “The wild One” the Jacket has gained popularity. Whenever anyone talks about the leather jacket, the image of this Jacket pops up. This Leather Jacket is till the classic and available on stores if you style Online Leather Jackets in the USA. This Jackets will show up. This leather jacket is hands down the best leather jacket you will ever have.



Another most common leather jacket is a racer leather jacket. This leather jacket has gained popularity over time, and many people love it because of its simple yet attractive design. This Leather Jacket has a center-front zipper, two side zipper pockets, and a traditional band collar with a straightforward plan to have. 

Simplicity this jacket posse makes it one of the best leather jackets with minimal design details. A racer leather jacket is a must-have leather jacket and will look good in your wardrobe. The design is readily available in the market and over the internet.



Another best-selling leather jacket is the A2 Flight Leather jacket. Sometimes termed as flight Leather jacket and sometimes as a bomber leather jacket.  This leather jacket designed for pilots that were participating during world war II.

The Jacket has Front Zipper with two button pockets on the front. The front zipper mostly covered with a placket for further protection. The Jacket has signature details that include ribbed cuffs and hems and front flap pockets.

The idea behind this leather jacket was to provide comfort to pilots. It has another model termed as a G1 model with fur collars that makes the new design more stylish.



This MA1 bomber leather jacket is somewhat similar to the A2 bomber leather jacket, which is also known as the A2 Flight Leather Jacket. It is also an original military design made in nylon. This Jacket is also known as a bomber leather jacket.

Some features that differentiate it A2 are

  • Ribbed collar
  • Slit Pockets in a cross shape
  • Zipper pocket on the sleeve

This leather jacket is typical for men and casually used for the everyday commute. By searching Online Leather Jackets in the USA, you will quickly get it.



The last Jacket on our list, we are going to discuss a Fencing leather jacket. This leather jacket mostly used by celebrities and cannot apply for casual looks. The style adapted from jackets’ fencer wear. The Jacket has a very stylishly designed zipper that increases the beauty of this Jacket and makes it a high-profile leather jacket. This leather jacket is only available in black. The collar style of this leather jacket is very stylish. The Jacket doesn’t have so many features to offer but still in demand because of its unique design.

Above mentioned designs are commonly used these days are available online leather jackets in the USA. Almost everyone owes these leather jackets once in their life. If you haven’t selected any of these yet, make sure to grab these jackets once in your life you won’t’ regret your investment.


Types of Leather Used for Leather Jackets

  • Goat: goat leather jacket not commonly used for a leather jacket, but considered as luxurious skin for a leather jacket.
  • Cowhide: Cowhide is also widely used for leather jackets, and most of the leather jackets are craft with cowhide.
  • Lambskin: Another commonly used skin for leather jackets. Lambskin Leather Jackets are very comfortable to wear.
  • Bison: Not widely used. It has a thick skin and has a deep grain pattern.


Tips: Buy Online Leather Jackets in USA

Here I am going to share a few tips you can use to buy Leather Jackets:

  1. Stay away from Artificial Leather
  2. Buying leather jackets looks easy, but it isn’t easy work to do, especially when you don’t have any prior experience. You can easily fool by Jacket sellers. You need to find the difference between original leather and artificial leather. If you find a leather jacket with a smooth texture, you are not going to buy it for sure.

  3. Check the Quality in detail
  4. When you are buying a leather jacket, make sure you check the reviews of the website if you want to buy an Online leather Jacket in USA. If you have got the reviews excellent. Go ahead, and when you receive the jacket check, it’s a feature in detail like zipping, button quality of leather jacket make sure to buy from any famous online store.

  5. Size Matters
  6. You heard the phrase, fit I the king. Always order the right sized leather jacket for yourself. You will get a size chart available on a different website that is offering a leather jacket. Make sure first you measure your size and then choose which one fits you best. The leather jacket looks good when it is fitting to your body. Make sure to buy a fitted leather jacket.


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