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cowhide leather vs other kinds

Cowhides being used for thousands for not just for leatherjackets but for so many other purposes. Leather is just not something new that just came into existence recently or 100 years ago. It is being used for thousands of years and still being used for so many reasons apart from leather jackets.

Long time ago, the tool was used to transform animals hides into leather jackets. The tools were scrappers. These were used to clean the fat off the hides. There were different tools as well and cowhide being used for so many different purposes.

Let’s see how cowhide is different from other kinds of leather and how it is being used today. What is the difference between cowhide use and other leathers use? Read it out with us to know different uses of cowhide leather.

What is Cowhide?

The natural and unbleached skin of cow is called cowhide. It is used in food industry as well as used for leather purposes. We talk about its leather use in content below.

What is Cowhide Leather?

Cowhide is made to leather by passion through different processes. It is a time taking process and it is done by professionals. After its finishing cowhide leather being used for so many purposes. The list of products made with cowhide is very long. Cowhide is use to make Leather jacket, leather belts, leather wallets, leather shoes and other leather apparel. It is also used for furniture purposes and has many different uses.

Difference between cowhide leather and other types of leathers

There are so many different kinds of leather jackets like cowhide, sheepskin, goatskin and lambskin. They are the most commonly used leathers all over the world. Like all other things, leather also has some variations of quality among themselves. Like Cowhide is the best type of leather and goat skin comes second and so on, Lamb is the third best and sheep are the last. All the leather is good. Not saying some are good and some are bad. There is some difference of quality. Cowhide is the most common and reliable quality of leather for leather jackets and for other kinds of leather uses. Whenever you buy leather jackets.

It also happens, for some purpose goatskin is better than cowhide and some times cowhide is better than goatskin it depends on the use as well. But overall Cowhide leather is the best. If talking about leather jacket, nothing is better than cowhide.

Let’s Compare different Cowhides

Cowhide Vs Goatskin Cowhide is the toughest among all kinds of leather specially comparing it to the goatskin. Due to its hardness, it doesn’t have the flexibility as the goatskin possess. Cowhide has a tendency to weigh more even after finishing process but on the other side goat skin is comparatively lighter. If you are looking for a leather jacket to protect yourself from cold weather you should definitely go with cowhide to get more warmth. Cowhide isn’t as much soft or smooth as goatskin leather.

Cowhide Vs Sheepskin

Similarly, the same case here. Cowhide has more strength and durability then sheepskin leather jacket. And sheepskin is more flexible then leather jacket. Same like goat skin it also has low tendency weight and Cowhide has more strength and has tendency and cable to weigh more. For softness and smoothness, you should go with sheepskin and to go with hard and strong material go with sheepskin.

FAQs Regarding

Let’s talk about some commonly asked question regarding cowhide.

 What is genuine cowhide leather jacket?

Genuine cowhide leather jacket refers to the quality of leather jacket as well. It is also being checked by its surface. Another question arise, is it a real leather? The answer is yes. It is the real leather and it is the best kind of leather jacket.

What is the life cowhide leather and jackets made with cowhide?

Cowhide has the longest durability among the other types of leather. It is the best kind of leather. And the jackets made with leather jackets last longer than you imagine. If you take proper care of your leather jacket, it will stay with you for life. Almost 8-10 years but you need to take good care of it. It has a very long life for sure.

How to Get Cowhide Leather Jackets

There are so many stores available online as well as physical stores where you can easily buy cowhide leather jackets easily. But the issue arise that is it original cowhide or some faux leather. To make sure you are buying original leather jacket. We are sharing some pin points here that will be really helpful.

  1. Touch and feel
  2. To identify leather jacket, the easiest way is to get idea about originality of leather jacket is touch and feel. Good quality of leather jacket has a very warm feeling. If you feel like plastic, then it is going to be a faux leather. Only buy from reputable store if you want to have a good quality leather jacket.

  3. Check Texture Pattern
  4. Original leather has a unique pattern to offer. Unlike faux leather. Faux leather has very predictable kind of leather.

  5. Smell of Leather.
  6. Smell of leather differentiate it from faux leather. If you don’t know how to differentiate it from faux. If you smell chemical or plastic it is definitely a faux. Original leather smells like organic and natural leather.

  7. Fire Test
  8. Fire test is bit risky but a good way to differentiate original from faux leather. When you bring fire closer to the leather jacket, if it gets burn it is plastic and its faux leather. If it didn’t it is original leather and you should buy this leather.

  9. Check the Price tag
  10. The price tag can explain all. Leather jackets are expensive then faux leather jackets. the price tag can differentiate it for you easily. Faux leather’s price varies from $50-$99 while the original leather jacket’s price varies from $120-$350 and above.

  11. Water Absorb Test
  12. Real leather jacket has a quality that it absorb water due to porse. When you dorp water on leather jacket if it absoirb it is leather if it doesn’t it isi faux leather jacket. You should be aware of all these facts when you buy leather jacket online in USA

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