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clean a leather jacket

Leather Jacket is an important part of the everyday outfit and every wardrobe has 1 leather jacket at least. You may have a biker leather jacket, slim fit leather jacket, suede leather jacket but all the leather jackets have 1 common challenge, how to clean leather jackets. We have previously talked about how to Buy Leather Jackets but In this comprehensive guide we will be talking about how you can clean your leather jackets easily at home. Cleaning leather jackets require more effort than cleaning other outfits. It is long lasting product which requires care from you. Let’s dive in to learn the best ways to clean your leather jackets at home easily without any issues.

  1. Check the Label First

    Before trying any of the tips and tricks, check the label of your leather jackets. Mostly reputable leather jacket companies provide complete instructions about cleaning leather jackets. They have mentioned all the steps to be followed to make your leather jackets clean. We will share the guide of cleaning leather jacket but maybe you have a different type of leather jacket at that time the label is important. You must check the label first and then apply any of the guidelines on your precious leather jacket to prevent any damages.

  2. Check the Type of Leather Jacket

    The Second important thing is to check the type of leather jacket. Before applying any solution, any DIY or any tips and trick, you need to learn the type of leather jacket because every leather jacket has its own nature and applying the wrong solution can harm your leather jacket. Natural or untreated leather jackets do not have any protective coating while treated leather jackets do have a protective coating. The best way to find the difference between treated or untreated leather jackets is that when you feel it untreated leather jacket is soft while the treated leather jacket is hard and gives you a feeling of having plastic. The untreated leather jacket is a bit difficult to clean it can change its color after treatment.

  3. Dust the Leather Jacket with soft Brush

    The first and the safest tip are to clean your leather jacket with a soft cloth or camel brush. This can only work if your leather jacket has got dust. Make sure you dust your leather jacket in a circular motion. You should dust your leather jackets often but carefully, if you do not do it often it may catch the dust and it seems more noticeable. Dusting it often can save your time and save you from embarrassment.

  4. Do not put your leather jackets in washing machine

    Cleaning your leather jacket is not as simple as cleaning your other outfits by just simply putting it in the washing machine. No! You can’t put leather jackets on the washing machine. Washing your leather can damage its texture and color and it will not be the same as it was before. It can be a shrink, cracked and leave its color and damage it in many other ways.

  5. Use Leather Cleaning Solution

    Use authentic leather cleaning solutions. Read what is written on leather solution about its use and on which type of leather you can use it. For antique leather jackets, methylated spirits are great ideas. It can protect the quality of antique leather jackets. For leather bags, mild soap with water will work best. Remember to use it in a circular motion. Keep in mind always follow precautions before applying any solution on leather jackets.

  6. Use Conditioner on Leather jackets

    Use conditioner on leatherjackets until it is soft. But make sure to use high quality conditioner. Apart from cleaning leather jackets, it can also be used when your leather jacket is covered in rain or snow. It will prevent damage on your leather jacket.

  7. Vinegar or Water Solution for Cleaning Leather Jacket

    Use dish soap and warm water mix them together. Dip a soft cloth, wring it out wipe your leather jacket softly. Another idea for making a solution is 1 part water and other part of vinegar. Use a soft damp cloth and clean the jacket with soft hands. Dry the leather jacket with towel. It an effective way to clean your leather jackets.

  8. Dry Cleaning Leather Jackets

    Dry Cleaning your dress shirt, coats is an effortless way to clean your outwears. But getting your leather jackets cleaned is not an easy task. Leather jackets passes through many process before coming to the color condition on which you currently have it. Getting it dry cleaned from unprofessional dry cleaner can damage your leather jackets. Always get your leather jackets from specialist leather jackets dry cleaner that already have done this.

  9. Immediately Clean Spill

    If anything spill on your leather jackets, clean it immediately. Do not let it dry. Later on it will be hard to remove.


Leather Jackets are important for every wardrobe but it required maintenance if you want it for long time.

There are different ways to clean your leather jackets, depending upon the type of leather jackets. Before applying any of the tips or trick make of 2-3 things

  1. You are aware the type of leather jackets
  2. You are applying high quality products like high quality conditioner, or soft clothes etc.
  3. If you are getting it dry cleaned make sure you trust a right person for it.

Apart from these three points, you need to take good care of your leather jackets. You can check for many more ideas on internet but all the above mentioned ideas are tried and tested will not damage your leather jacket. To buy men’s leather jackets, check out latest collection at Leather Coburd. If you want your leather jacket as long lasting and always in perfect condition, just make sure you are taking proper care of it.

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