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Custom Leather Jackets

We all have leather jackets and we want to customize with different colors and make changes to that. Here in this article we will talk about different cool ideas to customize our leather jackets. There are already so many varieties in leather jackets but we want to customize it by ourselves sometimes to check our creativity.

We all have a designer inside ourselves and we want to show case our designing talent at some point. Another reason to customize your leather jacket is we want some change. We get bored from our old leather jacket and we want to make it new once again.

The ideas we are going to share below may seem vague but are very good to have and will add value to your old leather jacket. All you need is just to be creative and a little bit careful while experimenting these customizations to your leather jacket.

Let’s Check out some customization that you can apply on your leather jacket.

Embroidery on your Leather Jacket

One of the best customizations you can do to you leather jacket is to have embroidery on that. You will have a good option of variety. You can have a logo of any famous brand over your leather jacket. Another embroidery option you can have is to have a eagle embroidered over your leather jacket it is going to look so cool. There are many other options like you can have flowers embroidered over your leather jacket. So many other options are also available it depends on one’s imagination and their hobby. So, try different options and make your old leather jacket a new one. Once you try it you will love the idea of making it new and will wear it everywhere you go.

Perfect Patch up

Want another idea to customize your leather jacket. Patch up is the way to go. In patch you will get so many different ideas like single patch up or repeated design patch up. So many options are available in this design too. This can be done with the help of any professional that can help you set up the patch on your leather jacket. Your jacket will look like a 90S style leather jacket that is a way too good looking even in this new era of leather jackets as well.

Your leather jacket will be a combination of a new style and old retro fashion. That will make it better looking and stylish even after 2-3 years. Your little investment to customize your leather jacket will not be waisted and you will love it with all your heart and will feel good.

Use Paints on Leather Jacket

It may sound artistic but it is a good way to customize your leather jacket. Paint your leather jacket. You will find so many creative ways to pain your leather jacket and if you have artist hidden inside your soul, it will be a right time to bring it out. Just search through internet you will find so many DIY tutorials that will help you to paint your leather jacket in a creative way. You can paint something abstract, geometrical or any other kind of shape you think will suit your leather jacket. Just explore different options over internet and you will love the idea to paint your leather jacket.

We will love to help you with different ideas to explore and help you paint your leather jacket.

Dye Your Leather Jacket

Another good idea to customize your leather jacket is to dye leather jacket. You can change its color simply and you will realize you get a new leather jacket. Dying process of leather jacket is very simple and can be done easily without investing a lot of money. You will be able to get a new leather jacket that you want. You can get a double tone dyes or multiple dye tone. It’s up to you but to get it dye will prove to be a great choice. Dying in a different way will prove to be a very good choice as you will explore different side of leather jacket that you have not explored before. Try dying it now and let us know about your experience how it went.

Use of Studs in a Leather Jacket

Trying to do something different, get studs on your leather jacket. It is the timeless element you will add in your jacket. Stud was used in 90s leather jacket styles and also a popular element in the recent times for leather jacket. Why not try this. For studs you will have different options like cone shaped studs, spherical shaped studs or flat rounded studs. All of them are a good option to go with it’s the matter of personal choice that you want to go with.

You can try mix and match of all of these shapes. It will look different and stylish. Another idea related to stud is to use spike in your leather jacket. Both have equal stylish look to make your leather jacket a very stylish one. Have an edgy appearance and get spikes for your leather Jacket

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