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leather jackets

We all know the purpose why mostly people buy leather jackets. The actual purpose of buying leather jacket is to protect ourselves from cold weather and snowy breeze. The other purpose of leather jacket is to look stylish while in your comfort zone. Those that gets exposed to leather jackets recently, it is a top-class apparel that has its own class and identity. It is a universal symbol and it is use all over the world. You will not find any part of the world where people don’t wear leather jacket. It is being used all over the world.

The main purpose that we have already discussed that the actual purpose for the design of leather jacket is the to enhance your dressing sense makes you more stylish while protect you from cold weather. Today in this article, we are going to talk about how leather jackets become so much popular around the globe and how it came to existence.

History of Leather Jacket

Let’s talk about the history of leather jacket, when it become popular.

The leather jacket craft start in the early 1900 when during world war I when US pilots used flight leather jacket for the first time. The demand for leather jacket felt due to weather conditions and to protect pilots from weather conditions when they were flying for a war. The lather jacket protected them from cold wind up in the sky. This was successful experiment and it was the start of the success of leather jacket. Later in 1925 first modern leather jacket was crafted and rest is history for the success of leather jacket. It was so comfortable for pilots even in the minus temperature that become the reason for its success. This is also known as bomber leather jacket and currently have so many designs carefully.

Leather Jacket Material

Usually most of the leather jackets are crafted with sheepskin, goatskin or cowhides. These are the most commonly used lathers used for leather jackets. The skins are put into the refrigerator and sprinkled it with salt to make it safe for use. When salt is applied to the leather skin, it saves leather to get rot. It is shifted to tannery to soft it and then it dyed with colors as per choice. Leather jacket has a very interesting crafting process and it has large tanneries that are manufacturing leather jackets. Then it gets stitched with professional tailors. The leather jackets pass through a long process before it comes to market for sell. That’s why it is bit expensive then any other kinds of leather jackets. It is worth the money because of its comfort and protection from cold weather.

Leather jacket: The most popular Outfit

After its first manufacturing, there wasn’t any stopping for leather jackets. It kept evolving time to and brought us new designs with time to time. Even after 100 years, it is famous and growing popularity around the globe. Initially popularity started to begin in the mid of 1900s when Hollywood use leather jacket as costume first in the 1940s. It was used by a famous actor Jimmy Stewart in a Hollywood movie “Night passage” in the year 1957. After that it become a trend. And you can see in a lot of Hollywood movies. Later on, it was worn by Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and that style got famous so much. Many people started buying leather jackets as it get famous the whole trend. Later on, many film actors started wearing Leather Jacket. Johnny Strabler introduced Biker leather jacket for the first time in the “The wild one”. Leather jackets are used in many famous movie series like avengers and top gun. One of the reason leather jackets gets that much popularity because of Hollywood movies. Famous Celebrities like Tom, Dwayne Johnson and many others used it for style their everyday commute.

Style and protection with leather jacket

Just as world is changing and we are growing, there are certain changes and modifications can be seen in everything of our life. Talking about clothes here. Leather jackets is the ever-green iconic grooming style but with time, we can see different amendments in the making. With advancements in fabric and materials, there are variety of leather jackets now produce and sell according to different styles and colors.

Leather is considered as the toughest fabric available. It is  one of the bestselling fabric. The toughness is the characteristic which makes it a necessary use for riders for their safety purposes as it helps in protecting the body.

Just with time, as I said earlier there are many advancements that can be seen. Leather jacket is a one versatile fabric which can give you both a stylish look and a protective barrier if accordingly used. In earlier days, you have to buy the jacket according to your need. The difference can be seen in the layers of fabric used. For styling purpose, a fashionable less thick jacket is used. The leather jacket can give you iconic look if used with creative and great styling mind. But, if you need a leather jacket for protection reason, you need a different one. The thicker it would be, the more protection it will give you.

But now with certain modification in styling industry and materials to be used, the jackets are prepared with dual purposes. It can give you utmost protection yet still it can be look as classy as possible. There are number of leather jacket varieties available in the market which is comparatively thick, rough and still very comfortable and also give you iconic stylish look. Different leather jackets available types are:

  • Racers jackets
  • Biker leather Jacket
  • Distressed

With the time things will change and more advancements will be seen. This is just the one example of leather jacket and how with time it changes its style and comfort level. Next time if anyone would ever ask you about leather and its evolution you can guide them with this information. I hope this guide is useful for you in any way.

For more understanding you can also comment down below your thoughts and can enlighten us all about the topic.

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