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maintain leather jackets easily

If you own a leather jacket you must understand how important it is it to keep roper maintenance of a leather jacket. Leather jacket is an asset and everyone wants keep good care of it. Maintaining a leather jacket is not difficult if you understand the process and find the right guide to keep good care of it.

You need to treat your leather jacket well if you want to keep good care of your leather jacket. Keeping good care of a jacket doesn’t means you should not wear it often but when you wear you wear it with care.

In today’s blog we will discuss how we can keep good care of our leather jacket. We will share step by step guide how you can maintain your leather jacket.

Step by Step guide how to Maintain your Leather Jacket

Here we will share complete step to maintain your leather jacket but before we dive into learn how we can maintain a leather jacket. One thing we need to keep in mind “Prevention is better than cure” you can save your money and time if you prevent you leather jackets from getting it scratched or anything else. This I a golden rule to keep your jacket safe from all sort of damages and you will not require to do. Here are some tips to extend your leather jacket’s life:


 You should clean your leather jacket once in every six months. No matter how good and clean it is you need to clean it after 6 months. 2 times a year is good.

Hang it properly:

When you hang your jacket make sure to hang it properly. Do not expose your leather jacket to direct sunlight for too long it will fade its color.

Change your closet:

Don’t hang your leather jacket in same closet for too long. Keep changing its place and keep your closet clean. It will not only help to increase its life but also other outfit’s life as well.

Use when needed:

Another preventing method is to use it when it is needed. You don’t just wear it and sit at home. You wear it when you go out and its cold and you think is the right time to wear leather jacket then you should wear leather jacket.

Now we will learn how we can clean our leather jacket and make it a long-lasting asset for us.

External Leather Jacket Cleaning:

If you want to buy leather jacket, make sure you buy high quality leather jacket and your priority should be lambskin leather jacket. It is a high-quality leather jacket. Lambskin leather jacket is a long-lasting leather jacket. To clean it you can use following methods:

Clean it with brush:

If you feel your jacket is slightly dusty or getting rustic, the best method to clean it is to go with a soft brush. You can have a small brush and can clean it any time you want. It will protect you leather jacket. But use soft brush.

Clean with Dry Cloth:

One of the traditional and best method is to clean it with dry cloth. Just clean it gently and with soft hand your leather jacket will be totally okay and you don’t need to spend a lot of money for dry cleaning or anything else.

How to Remove Stain from leather jacket

When you buy high quality leather jacket like lambskin leather jacket and cowhide leather jacket, the are rough and tough and absorb the stain mark easily. You will find different methods to clean stains on leather jacket. But you shouldn’t wash it on your own. You do stuff like removing dust, and other visible marks removing methods but not wash it.

Coffee stains are common for leather jackets, if you get any coffee mark, remove it with the above-mentioned methods if it didn’t work we have different methods available too.

  1. Conditioner

    The most common method is to obtain a leather conditioner of a good company. Once you obtain a leather conditioner of a good company, you can easily remove stains from leather jacket. Some people suggest that ironing a strain can help but that’s completely a wrong concept. Ironing won’t help you rather it will damage your leather jacket. Drop this idea use conditioner on your leather jacket it will work fine.

  2. Cleaning Spray

    Another method for cleaning leather jacket is cleaning spray. It is also another effective method for cleaning leather jackets. Always buy good quality leather jacket cleaning spray. Low quality spray can damage your leather jacket. Don’t save money and damage your leather jacket.

Methods to dry your Leather jacket if it gets Wet

When your leather jacket is wet, there are so many methods to dry it. Let’s talk about those methods.

Hang it: hang your leather jacket to open air. Like a garage or garden. Opening it to the open air will make the jacket dry itself without any harm to it. Do not expose your leather jacket to direct sunlight to dry it, otherwise cracks will appear on it. Once the jacket is completely dry, apply conditioner on it for extra protection. It will appear to be as new leather jacket.

How to Fix Scratches?

We all make sure to protect our leather jacket but somehow there can be accidents and it gets scratches. There can be two types of scratches

  1. Minor
  2. Deep

If your leather jacket got a deep scratch, you should not try anything at home and got it fix from professionals. You should not take risk about it. Minor scratches can be fixed at home. Few simple steps and you can fix scratches at home.

Wet cloth:  Its easy. Clean you leather jacket with wet cloth and lean the jacket to remove dust. It is better you clean the whole jacket to find out scratches.

Oil: Use smooth cloth or cotton or rags to apply leather jacket oil. Few drops of oil like 3-5 on cloth and apply it to the affected area on a leather jacket.

Marker: Marker can also be used to remove scratches on leather jacket. Match the marker color with jacket and apply it on the scratches to hide it completely. It is a good way to hide scratches easily.

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