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Secured Privacy & Confidentiality

Our customers are our priority and their confidentiality is our prime concern.



We have all the rights to update or change our privacy policy. Whenever we will update the policy we will let you know through an email or any other source of communication
Our Customers’ privacy is our priority. We make sure the data stored with us do not be misused by anyone.


We ate Leather Coburd Collects two types of information:

    1. Personal information
    2. Aggregate information

Personal information

In personal information, we collect information like name, email address, mailing address, Phone number, and credit card information. There can be other information requested for you for some queries if this information is enough.

Aggregate information

Aggregate information means we also collect data on how many visitors have visited our page, which page was viewed the most number of times etc.

Online Collection of Personal Information

when a user registers for online purchases, or participates in a giveaway, or subscribe for newsletter, we ask for personal information. We use this information to keep your personal experience on our website better. We also keep a record of products of your interest and your purchase history.

Online Collection of Aggregate Information

Aggregate information is non-identifiable information such as age, gender, types of products you search, what are the most selling products in the store. This is collective information, not a single can be identified with this information. This collected thousands of searches and identified to make the user experience on the website better. For example the number of black biker leather jackets purchased by the 22 years old male. The data shown for this question is collective not by a single search. There are different methods for collecting aggregate information. One of them is tracking through IP address. It helps to get information from where the website is getting more traffic so they can target more audiences in that particular region.

How We Share Data:

Our Staff: Our staff processes your data like shopping history and search history to make your shopping experience better. This will help you show products.

Courier Service: We are partnered with a trustable courier service. We share your contact details with them to deliver your purchased products.

Legal Purpose: We have the right to share your billing information if it is asked by the Government officials.
Third-Party Advertisement: Different advertisement companies use different tools to gather information to show advertisement. We don’t have anything to link with them and don’t have control over them.

For what purpose we process your data

We at Leather Coburd only process the data you agreed to share with us. (as per the terms and conditions) for the below-mentioned purpose:
For Check Out purposes: We use your data provided by you for delivery purposes like billing information, delivery address, etc.
Marketing and Advertising: We use your data for marketing campaigns:

  • Newsletters
  • Deals and promotions
  • New Product Announcement
  • For Survey Purpose
  • Giveaways opportunity

For Better Customer Service: We process your data to make your user experience at Leather Coburd better. We try to make your shopping experience better with us.

Account Suspension

As a user; you have all the rights to deactivate your account at Leather Coburd. All though we will keep your record maintained with us for legal purposes, resolving the dispute and to prevent fraud and abuse.
As soon as we feel like everything is clear and we don’t require your information we will remove your data from our database.

Copyright Policy

The products uploaded on our websites are our products and photographed by us. No customer or any visitor is allowed to use these photographs for commercial or non-commercial purposes without permission. If we found any violation we can take the following steps:

  • Contact Google for plagiarized content can result in the removal of a web page or domain.
  • Copyright letter can be sent to legal support for further action

All the users or visitors all obliged to follow the privacy policy of Leather Coburd at any cost.

Contact Us

If you have queries regarding our privacy policy contact us at