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pu vs real leather jackets

A leather jacket is more than a jacket. It’s a class, it’s a tradition, and it’s an impact. Original leather jackets are not just a source of protection from cold winds, but also it can save you from injuries during accidents, and it has so many other benefits. It is your best friend in cold weather, and when you wear it, you look like a bad boy.

People often get confused about why leather jackets are expensive and why we have to pay a lot of money to buy leather jackets that are just a jacket. This article revolves around a comparison between real and PU jackets and what impact the real leather jacket possesses in our society.

One of the main reason I think people get confused is their different available qualities, material, and designs. We will clear this whole confusion in today’s article, so you get a clear idea and make the right decision regarding your purchase.

Let’s Dive into it and see all the Pros and cons necessary to know before you buy a leather jacket.

Real Leather Jacket

The real leather jacket is made with original leather from hiding from animals like lambskin, cowhide, goatskin, etc. This leather jacket is the most expensive type because it is original and nothing artificial is used in this kind. It is the highest quality, long-lasting, and durable. This kind is considered as luxurious staple clothing for both men and women. It is expensive than PU leather.

PU Leather

It is an artificial kind of leather that is less durable and not long-lasting. It is cheaply available in the market, but it can never match the quality of real leather. The material of both kinds of leather looks very similar, but there isn’t any match in terms of quality. In the coming part of our article, we will see how you can distinguish between both.

What is the durability of PU Leather?

Indeed, PU is less expensive than original leather, and it looks more attractive because of its smooth texture, but it is important to know its durability. The longevity of all leather jacket depends upon how one is using them and taking care of them. If not taken proper care of, the PU leather jacket will have cracks in its texture, while the original leather jacket is rough and tough and can last for years without even proper care.

How to Differentiate between Original and PU leather?

It gets confusing to differentiate between both, so for our readers, we have made some points that can help them differentiate.

  • First important thing is you can check the label of the leather jacket. All the original leather jackets have a label with 100% original leather label attached to all the products.
  • Original leather jacket is rough and tough.
  • Original leather is not smooth compared to PU leather because it’s natural and comes from hiding.
  • Quality of leather is it absorbs water while PU doesn’t.
  • In PU, you will get a plastic smell, while in leather, it will be a natural skin scent.

  • Advantages and Disadvantage of Original Leather and PU Leather

    Cleaning, Care, and Durability

    There isn’t any doubt that real leather is always more durable than any other artificial leather. Its longevity is better than other kinds of leather. As compared to the original, PU is less durable. With passing time, original leather start looking more attractive and adds more value to your jacket.

    The problem with PU leather is that it will have cracks on the jacket after some time. That ends up the beauty of the jacket, and it will remain of no use.

    Original leather may fade away if exposed to sunlight a lot, while PU will not fade away because of sunlight. A comparison between PU leather requires more maintenance compared to real leather, but it is always the right move to take care of your leather jacket.

    It gives you a clear idea of what is the difference between both and what suits you best.

    Appearance and Feel

    Original is always original. The same goes for real leather; it is more attractive, tougher, and rougher than PU. Original leather has a different essence, and it gives a different feel than PU. While PU has smells like chemicals and plastic. The only benefit of PU leather is, it gives you more variety in texture and color and high gloss finishes, and obviously, it is cheaper than a real leather jacket.

    Although PU leather is a human-made material that is not tough enough to protect you from cold or PU gets crack and everything like this. The variety of Pu leather offers the only benefit it possesses and also its low price.

    With comparison to this information, you can choose whatever you think will be best for yourself.

    Impact Within Society

    PU leather is not the right choice for the environment, but definitely, it is animal friendly. PU is not the right choice of leather jacket for yourself either because of its quality. Original leather doesn’t harm the environment, and it protects you from cold and is the best choice for your jacket. You can renew original leather, and PU will not be renewable.

    You have the right information now, and you can decide between what is best for you and what can bring out the best in you when it comes to the leather jacket.

    We, as a leather jacket store, has both the realities for you available at our store. We make sure to offer a huge range of variety for our customers, so you don’t have to go here and there to find out the best for yourself. Visit our store and see what is available for you.

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