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Proceed with your orders after giving our detailed, valuable, and flexible terms of services a read.


  1. Terms and Conditions: This document contain information regarding terms and conditions of shopping online from Leather Coburd. Read this document carefully as it have information about customers rights, limitations and conditions that will be applied to you. If you buy any product from Leather it means you agreed to our terms and conditions and are bound to follow those conditions at any cost.To establish friendly environment with Customers, Leather Coburd can make changes to their terms and conditions without any prior notice. We will send you update about changes in terms and conditions.You can’t make any purchases from website until and unless you are 18 or above years old. If you are below 18 you may use this website under supervision of your parents or guardians.
  2. Order Acceptance and Cancellation: Every order you make at Leather Coburd bounds you to follow our (Leather Coburd) Terms and conditions. We are not obliged to deliver your order until and unless you receive confirmation email from us.We will send you confirmation mail with the order number and mentioning all the details you have ordered. Once you confirm that we are not responsible for any changes.You can cancel order anytime by calling our customer support or by sending them email. We can cancel your order anytime for any reason.
  3. Mentioned Prices: Prices mentioned on the website can be change anytime. Your final bill will be attached in the confirmation mail. All the mentioned prices are exclusive of taxes and shipment charges.
  4. Payment Terms: We offer numerous terms of payments for the ease of or clients like i) PayPal ii) Bit coin iii) Western Union. All the charges deducted while transaction through these payment methods will be paid be the customer and not by the company. Our prices mentioned here are exclusive of taxes so when you will be paying the payment, you have to pay the amount mentioned in the final bill.
  5. Shipment: We will arrange the best possible method for your shipment of your purchased. Still if anything is lost or damaged during the shipment we are not responsible
    Delivery dates are only estimated but cannot be guaranteed. We will not be responsible for any delay in shipment.
  6. Return and Refund Policy: We are happy to help you with return and refund policy. Refund can be made within 30 days of purchase. We will refund the original payment of the product (not the shipment or handling charges). Product should be in original condition with al the tags available on the products. No refund on damaged products.
    Please follow the instruction for refund mentioned with the order or email us for any further assistance.
    We are not responsible for any shipping charges.
    Refund will be made within 10 business days and with the same payment method used to make the original payment.
  7. Limited Warranty: We provide warranty of our products and you have all the rights to claim that warranty.
    If our products are not matching the standard or have any defects in the product. We will change the product for free without charging any fees from our customers.
    Who can claim this warranty:The person who has purchased the product can only claim the warranty. We will not entertain anyone else claiming the warranty on behalf of the original buyer.What does this warranty not cover:

    1. any damages during transportation.
    2. Not using the product according to the instruction
    3. Damages due to external causes like abuse, accidents, fire or events beyond reasonably not in human control.
    4. If you get the product repair or get it checked from external sources.
    5. Storage issues
    6. Using with any material which is prohibited in the instruction manual.

    Apart from above mentioned issues we cover all kind of warranty and promise to deliver as per your expectations.


  8. Agreement: All the agreement between customer and Leather Coburd are under the above mentioned terms. Both the parties are obliged to follow these terms and conditions. No one can bypass these terms at any cost.